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Quercus (Canvas) Updates: Sandboxes | Toolbox renewal 

Portal Training Workshops: Winter 2018

Recent Updates: Inline Grading | Turnitin Downtime | Grade Center

Tips for Instructors:  End-of-Term Activities | Winter Course Tune Up

Tips for Students: Login and Access Your Course | Student Orientation Video | Mobile Apps | Student Guide

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Quercus (Canvas) Updates

U of T Instructor, you have access to an online 'sandbox' to play with Quercus' features. This is an opportunity to explore and become familiar with all the tools that Quercus has to offer. Log in at q.utoronto.ca 

All information about the transition to the new LME can be found at toolboxrenewal.utoronto.ca its FAQ page may be particularly helpful

Portal Training Workshops

Register for Portal Training Workshops!

  • Getting Started: Building Your Portal Course
    Thursday, January 4 at 1PM to 3PM
    Wednesday, January 17 at 10AM to 12PM

  • Grade Center: Providing Feedback & Marks Online 
    Thursday, February 1 at 10AM to 12PM
  • Web Conferencing with Blackboard Collaborate
    Wednesday, January 24 at 1PM to 3PM


Recent Updates

On December 21, 2017, Inline Grading within the Assignment tool will be updated to a new version. To find out how this affects you, please see the Inline Grading documentation.

Our revamped Grade Center guide has the most up to date information on managing grades and troubleshooting common issues in your Portal course.


For Instructors 

End-of-Term Activities

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After your last class, you may want to:

  • Download Grades: Make a back-up of the grades and assessments in your course.
  • Export and Archive Your Course: Make a back-up of your course structure and materials.
  • View the Course Lifecycle: Be aware of when the course will no longer be available to you and your students.

Winter Course Tune Up

photo of laptop with the text "get your course ready" on screenPortal Instructor Guides are available with more information on common course tasks, troubleshooting issues, support resources, accessibility considerations, as well as tips and tricks to help customize the appearance of your course and effectively organize course content in a way that is easy to navigate and engaging for students.

For Students

Recently Reported Issues

No reported issues at this time.

For updates and service status of the Portal and other University of Toronto systems, please visit the System Status dashboard.