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About Blackboard Collaborate

The University of Toronto has licensed Blackboard Collaborate as our institutional Webinar/Webconferencing tool. Collaborate provides the ability to synchronously broadcast audio and video; share presentations, applications, and files; create and manage breakout rooms; and conduct numerous additional live activities. Collaborate integrates directly into our Learning Portal Courses and Organizations, and thus is easily accessed by both faculty and students.

To learn more about what Collaborate can do, watch the following video called Overview for Moderators (Length: 10:52)

An Accessibility Guide from Blackboard Collaborate is available as a webpage and a pdf document.

Use of the webinar software is bound by the Appropriate Use of Information and Communication Technology policy (http://www.provost.utoronto.ca/policy/use.htm).

Download the tipsheet Real-time Teaching and Learning Online with Webinars (pdf)

Resources provided by Blackboard Collaborate are available from: http://www.blackboard.com/Platforms/Collaborate/Services/On-Demand-Learning-Center/Web-Conferencing.aspx


Collaborate Launcher Update (Feb 5, 2016):

A new version of the Collaborate Launcher for Windows has been released. Users may be asked to update to version 1.6 of the Launcher but not in all cases. Please see Troubleshooting common Webinar issues for more information.


Help Resources

Session Creation and Management through the Portal

First Time Use

How to Connect to a Session

Effective Management of a Session

Using the Whiteboard

Sharing a Presentation

Application Sharing

Sharing Files

Sharing Web resources



Recording and Viewing a Session

Collaborate Plan

Troubleshooting common Webinar issues