Uploading Scantron Data into the Grade Center

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The University of Toronto has developed a tool to help import data from Optical Scanning machines into your course's Grade Center.  The tool is designed to identify students in Blackboard by their Student ID number, so your file must contain a column of student numbers and a column of grades, and be saved as either a Comma Separated Values (.CSV) file or a Microsoft Excel (.XLS) file in order for it to function correctly. You can find information on test scanning here.

Activate the UT Opscan Upload tool

The Opscan Upload tool is present in all Blackboard courses, however it is not available by default, to use the tool you must first make it available.

  1. Go to Control Panel. Click on Customization and select Tool Availability.
  2. On the Tool Availability page, you will see a long list of tools with checkboxes. Near the bottom of the list is UT Opscan Upload, check the box in the column labeled Available.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. The UT Opscan Upload tool will now be listed under Course Tools in the Control Panel.

Using the UT Opscan Upload Tool

Note: For ease of use it is recommended that you create a Grade Center column before uploading your data.  Please see the Add Grade Columns page for instructions.

  1. Go to Control Panel, expand Course Tools and select UT Opscan Upload.
  2. From the drop down menu Select the Grade Center column you wish to upload your marks into.
  3. Use the Browse button to locate your file.
  4. Click Submit.  If your file contains a large number of students this process might take a few minutes.
  5. Using the drop down menus across the top of the page Select which column contains the Student Numbers and which column contains the Grade.  You can only select one column for each.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Once the upload has completed you will be presented with a report displaying successful and unsuccessful matches, which can be saved for help identifying potential problems or missing data.