TechSmith Relay

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Using TechSmith Relay Recorder

  1. Download and Install
  2. Record a Session
  3. Share a Recording
  4. Troubleshooting
NOTE: Techsmith Relay has been recently updated. If you are using Techsmith Relay 4, you must update to Techsmith Relay 5 by following the Download and Install steps below. Recordings created on Techsmith Relay 4 will not be saved.


Download and Install

  1. Visit and login using your UTORid and password.
  2. Click the Client Downloads link on the far right or from the menu bar on the top.
    Techsmith Relay Dashboard
  3. Choose the appropriate download for your operating system. The Fuse mobile recorders are available through their respective marketplaces.
    Note: TechSmith Relay Portable Recorder can be installed on a USB memory key or flash drive.
    Techsmith Relay Download Client
  4. Open the downloaded installer and follow the steps on-screen.

Record a Session

  1. Launch TechSmith Relay Recorder.
  2. Log in with your UTORid and password when prompted or click the Log In button at the top left. If you forget to log in you will be prompted once you submit your recording.
    TechSmith Relay Recorder - Log In
  3. To record your webcam in addition to your screen, click the Camera button at the top.
    Lecture Capture Menu
  4. Under Presentation Details, enter a title and description for your recording.
    TechSmith Relay Recorder - Presentation Details
  5. If this is your first time using TechSmith Relay, click the Test button to record a short 10 second video.  This will allow you to confirm that your audio is working correctly and give you a feel for how the recorder works.
  6. When you are ready, click the Rec button to start the recording. A 3-second countdown will lead you into the recording.
    NOTE: If you have a projector or multiple displays connected to your computer, you may be asked to choose a display to record.
    TechSmith Relay Recorder - Record
  7. When you are finished, click the Stop button.  If the recording window is not visible, right click on the TechSmith Relay icon in the System Tray or Dock and select Stop.
    TechSmith Relay Recorder - Stop
  8. Wait while the TechSmith Relay Recorder finalizes the recording. This may take a while depending on the length of the recording.
  9. Once that process is complete, you will be given the option to trim the beginning or ending of the recording, as well update the presentation details.
    TechSmith Relay Recorder - Trim
  10. Click Submit to upload the recording to MyMedia. No progess bar will be shown.
    NOTE: If your Internet connection is interrupted during the upload, it will automatically resume the next time your Internet connection is restored.
  11. You will receive an email from MyMedia once your recording has been processed and is ready.

Share a Recording

  1. Once the recording is ready, you will receive an email from MyMedia.
  2. Click the link provided in the email and login using your UTORid and password.
  3. You will now be able to:
  • Update the title and description of the video
  • Set access restrictions - whether the video will be accessible only to the UofT community or the broader public
  • Allow the video to be downloaded or only viewed online
  1. Click Save to finish the process.
  2. On the following page you will be presented with three options to share your video:
  • Permanent Play Link - a link to web page that plays the video
  • Media Download Link - a link that allows others to download the video
  • Embed Code - HTML code for playing the video on a different website

Additional information about MyMedia and the services it offers can be found on their help page.


Missing recordings or not receiving the MyMedia email

There are a couple reasons why your video may not have completed properly, and thus you will not receive the email from MyMedia allowing you to finish the process and view your recording.  The first potential problem is that the video has no finished uploading from the computer you used to record it, for example if a laptop was used to record a presentation and was then powered down shortly afterwards the recording would not have completed uploading.  In this case you will need to power up the laptop and connect it to the internet to allow the presentation to resume uploading. The second problem is if when starting your recording you chose the Profile "Upload and Decide Later", when this option is chosen the recording will be uploaded to the server but the process of creating a web video will not comence until a Profile is chosen.  To remedy this log into the TechSmith Relay server at and check for any recordings that are waiting to be processed.

Links to videos posted on MyMedia are not working on Portal

Recent changes to MyMedia have affected existing links to videos uploaded to MyMedia. If you are receiving an error message when selecting the current video links to videos posted on MyMedia, please update the embed code.

Quota limits for video recordings

There are no size limits on the videos uploaded to TechSmith Relay and MyMedia. Faculty and staff are able to upload an unlimited number of videos, however students are limited to 40 videos on MyMedia.