Share Portfolios

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You can share your portfolio with others including individual users, the whole class, the Portal users, and beyond.   Each time you share a portfolio with other users, a static snapshot of that portfolio is created at that point in time. If you make edits, other users will not see the changes until you share the Portfolio again.

Users can comment on your Portfolio snapshot, and you can decide whether those comments will be visible to other users.


How to Share Your Portfolio

  1. In Card View, click the More link, and select Share. In Table View, use the Share command on the contextual menu.

Share Portfolios

  1. On the action bar, point to Share a Snapshot with and select one of the following user types:
  • Users: You can share your Prtfolio with one or more users. You can add the users by their UTORids or browse them by their FirstName, Last Name or Email Address. When you select Users, you can also send those users an email message to notify them of the shared snapshot. The portfolio is listed in the user's Shared with Me.
  • External Users: A URL is created and emailed to the specified users so that they can access your portfolio.
  • Courses or Organizations: The portfolio is listed in the Portfolios tool in the course or organization. Members of those courses and organizations can search for your portfolios.
  • Institution Roles: All users with that role may search for your portfolio.
  • All System Accounts: Any user on Portal may search for your portfolio.

The Share Portfolio page keeps a record of all snapshots shared. You can share a specific snapshot on the Share Portfolio page with other users by selecting a user type on the contextual menu. You can also remove a snapshot by selecting it and clicking the Remove this Snapshot button. Please note that it will remove that snapshot of the portfolio and also the other users' access to the snapshot. Blackboard will remind you of this fact and ask for confirmation.

Share Portfolio


Shared with Me

Snapshots that other users share with you will appear in the Shared with Me section of the Portfolios Home Page. Here you can create folders to organize shared Portfolios by author, course, topic, or other attributes.

Shared With Me

At the top-right, switch to the Discover Portfolios tab to search for Portfolios shared with All System Accounts.

Browse Portfolios by the Username, Title or Description. When searching by Username, click the Browse button to search by UTORid, First Name, Last Name or Email.