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Send Reminder for Assessments

New Feature as of May 8, 2017

In the Full Grade Center page, on specific columns, there is an option to send a reminder email to students who have neglected to submit specific assessments (i.e. the empty cells in a grade center column).

This option will be available for any outstanding (not submitted) assessments that were created in Blackboard, such as:

  • Assignments
  • Tests
  • SCORM package interactions that students are expected to complete

It will also be available for any Grade Center columns you created (through the "Create Column" option in the Full Grade Center.) 

It will not be an option for " Assessments" as those do not generate a Grade Center column.

Note: this feature is not available for interactive coursework such as Discussion Boards, Journals, Blogs and Wikis.

Sending a reminder to students who have not submitted or completed an assessment:

1. In the Full Grade Center, navigate to the top of the column for the assessment for which there are missing assignments

2. Click on the downward grey arrow and a pop-up menu will appear

Screen capture of part of a Grade Center column's contextual menu3. Select the "Send Reminder" option . 








4. Then a confirmation message should appear, select "ok" if you wish to proceed.

Screen capture of confirmation dialog box for send reminder function

5. Then you should see a green banner at the top of the window confirming that a reminder email message has been sent to the students whose corresponding cells are empty in that Grade Center column.

Screen capture of confirmation banner message for Send Reminder feature

6. As an Instructor, you should also receive a copy of the email email message.