Retention Center

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Based on preconfigured rules and rules you create, students’ participation in your course are visually displayed in the RETENTION CENTER. It replaces the Early Warning System.

Click students' names to access their Retention Status pages. 

Creating Rules

  • On the Retention Center page, click Customize on the action bar.
  • On the Customize Retention Center page, point to Create Rule on the action bar.
  • Select one of the four rule types: Course Activity Rule, Grade Rule, Course Access Rule, or Missed Deadline Rule.
    • Course Activity is defined as clicks inside a course.  You cannot specify specific tool or content area use.
    • A Grade rule will display students who score above or below the defined threshold for a specific grade item and trigger an alert.  Set Grade Value using the drop-down lists to select above or below and points or percentage, and type a value in the field.  
  • The Course Access alert is based on the date users last accessed your course. Students who have not logged in for a defined number of days trigger an alert.
  • The Missed Deadline alert will display students who do not complete an assignment, test, or survey by the due date based on the option you choose:
    • Monitor all course deadlines by selecting More Than or Less Than  from the drop-down list to select a date range.
    • Monitor a specific deadline, select More Than or Less Than from the drop-down list and type the number of days to trigger an alert. 
    • If you enter zero (0) for how many days, you are asking to be alerted if an item was not submitted before or on the deadline. No lateness is acceptable.

N.B. You can create missed deadline rules for Grade Center columns you create manually, but if you do not grade properly submitted items by the due date, a "false" alert is triggered. For manually created columns, students can submit items by the due date, but you must also grade them by the due date.