Request an Organization

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Requests must be submitted as follows:

Faculty & Staff

Faculty or staff can submit their request directly to the Portal Support Team at for approval. Once approved, an email will be sent, in confirmation, to the requester. 

Time and Renewals

Portal Organizations no longer need to be renewed and will not expire. Organization Leaders can request for an Organization to be removed from the Portal.

Protection of Information and Privacy

“Think before you click,” says Dr. Ann Cavoukian the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner when she explains the privacy implications of online social networking.

Organization Leaders are responsible for protecting the privacy of their members and must adhere to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).  To that end, enrollment in organizations must follow an opt-in protocol; no participant shall be added to an organization without his or her permission. Leaders are also not permitted to distribute personal information about their members without the express permission of those affected.

Visitor Accounts

On occasion, it may be necessary for an individual outside of the University of Toronto community to access the information and communication tools within a Portal Organization.  Guest UTORids can be set up through the business officer for your faculty, department or division.

All Organization requests must include the following information:

  1. Name of your group (this will become the name of the Organization).
  2. Your Campus (UTM, UTSC or St. George)
  3. Your faculty or department
  4. A short description of your group.
  5. Name and UTORid of the person who will be the leader of the group (responsible for managing communications, content and enrollment)


Blackboard Organizations for Student Groups are Not Available

Portal (Blackboard) space is no longer available to student groups.

For information on how to get web space, a U of T email address, or a U of T listserv (UTORlist) for your group, please visit the Campus Organizations FAQ page on Ulife (