peerScholar Grade Import

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Any Grades entered into peerScholar will need to be manually synced with the Grade Centre in the Learning Portal.

Grading and peerScholar

For peerScholar at U of T, Instructors or TAs must provide the final grades on peerScholar assignments, not students.  These final grades may be informed by peer feedback and must be interpreted by an expert grader in combination with other pedagogical factors that are relevant (e.g., the quality of peer comments, etc).  This approach allows the evidence-based pedagogical benefits of peer-assessment to be harnessed in a way that is consistent with current institutional labour practices.

To Sync peerScholar Grades with the Portal

  1. In the Control Panel, under Course Tools, select peerScholar Grade Import Tool
    Control panel showing Course tools and peerScholar Grade import tool
  2. Use the first drop down menu to select the peerScholar assessment you would like to sync from
    Selecting the peerScholar assessment
  3. Use the second drop down menu to either select an existing column in your Grade Centre or to Create a New column (New columns will have the same name as the peerScholar assessment and will by default be out of 100 points), then click Next to continue
    Selecting the Grade center destination column
  4. On the following page confirm that the marks coming from peerScholar are correct and click the Sync Grades button (the sync process may take a while based on the number of grades to be synced.)
    The Grade import sync page
    N.B.  The Grade Import tool will always update all the students for the selected assessment, if you plan on making changes to grades once they have been imported to the Portal Grade Centre, be sure to do so once updates from peerScholar are no longer needed, as any changes will be overwritten.  Alternatively, you can set grades in the Portal Grade Centre as Manual Overrides, which will not be updated during the syncing process.

To the left of each student listed on the Grade Import tool is an icon that identifies what action will be taken during the sync.  There are four possible actions:
 - The grade in the Portal will be updated to the grade currently in peerScholar
 - The grade in the Portal will remain the same, either there is no grade for this student in peerScholar or they are the same
   - the grade in the Portal is set as an incorrect display option, grade columns in the Grade Center must be set as Score
   - this student does not exist in the Portal course, make sure to access peerScholar to update the roster information