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The Participation tab provides tools to manage and invite users before launching a session.  

Using the Assign Roles an instructor may:

Restrict Participants - If checked the session creator can control access to the session and what role participants will have.  Left unchecked users will inherit roles based on their course role.

All Moderators - Checking this box gives all participants that join the session Moderator privileges.  This can be helpful if the session is intended for students to collaborate together without the presence of an Instructor or TA.

Available Participants - Select Participant names and move them into either the Moderators or Participants box to assign those roles on entry for those users.  Participants left in the Available Invitees will inherit their role from the course, for example Students will enter as Participants and Teaching Assistants will be Moderators.


Guest Invitees allows for:

Allow Unregistered Guests - When checked a invitation link will be generated that can be manually distributed to individuals not enrolled in the course.

Guest Invitees - Add invitees names and email addresses to have an invitation link automatically sent via email.