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The My Page tab is the entry point to information on the Portal and access to your Blackboard courses. This page contains various tools and information contained in modules (or boxes) that is specific to each user. Tools and information are contained in modules (or boxes). Modules are packets of content that allow users to view information such as events, announcements, and a list of courses. You can add, remove, reorganize, and customize modules on your My Page.

NOTE: You cannot remove these 3 modules from your My Page: My Courses, My Announcements, and My Organizations Plus.

My Page Modules & Highlights:
1. My Courses
2. My Announcements
3. My Organizations Plus
4. Hot Spots
5. Library Course Reserves
6. Browsing Courses as a Guest
7. Student Portal Help
8. Add Module
9. Drag and Drop Modules
10. Content Tab
11. Notifications Dashboard
12. My Places, Home, Help & Logout

1.    My Courses
Course information is fed from ROSI to Blackboard. Courses you are enrolled in will display in the My Courses module under the heading Courses in which you are enrolled.

If you have logged in to the Portal and cannot see your course(s), and a message that reads “You are not currently enrolled in any courses” don’t panic, this message issue could be related to one or more of the following:

a)    Your instructor has not made the course available yet. Contact your instructor and confirm with them that the course is available to students.
b)    You may not be registered for the course in the ROSI system – check ROSI ( or with your registrar.
c)    You may have just recently registered for the course on ROSI. Blackboard data is updated from ROSI on a nightly basis.
d)    The course may not be offered on Blackboard this session.

2.    My Announcements
Students and course group members can view important messages that have been posted in the last 7 days from Instructors and Teaching Assistants in the My Announcements module. This section is for reading announcement information only.  To access any course content related to an announcement, you will need to access the course through the My Courses section.  Click more… located in the bottom right-hand corner of the My Announcements module  to view all available announcements for courses and organizations. 

Announcements are also available through the Tools module  on the My Page Tab and inside a course in the My Announcements module. Click here for more information on announcements sent as an email from the course.

3.    My Organizations Plus
Organizations are online environments for clubs or groups at the University.

4.    Hot Spots
Provides access to UofT services including ROSI, UT Libraries, UTORid Password and Webmail.

5.    Library Course Reserves
The University of Toronto Libraries is now offering a new home for assigned course readings. The upgraded course reserves Blackboard integration creates a single list of all assigned course materials so students can easily access articles, books, web links, and media resources in one place through the University of Toronto’s Learning Portal. Please contact the Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office if you have any questions regarding this module at


To get started using the Library Course Reserves Module:

  • Login to
  • Look for the Library Course Reserves module on your ‘My Page’
  • Select the ‘Launch Course Reserves’ link
  • The courses you are assigned to teach will be listed. Select the class you are interested in to launch your course reading list.
  • Start adding your course materials or visit Course Reserves and Syllabus Service webpage for more information on how the Libraries can help to process your course materials

For more information please read "Getting to know the expanded Library Course Reserve module" guide.


The course readings and materials must be set up by your instructor in coordination with the library prior to the start of the course. If you do not see any items listed, please contact your instructor for assistance. Click here for more information on using this module.

6.    Browsing Courses as a Guest
Some instructors have enabled guest access so that members of the UofT Community and external visitors can view material in their course. Courses that have been made available to guests are listed in the Browsing Courses as a Guest module.

7.    Student Portal Help
Includes links to frequently asked questions about the Portal. Click here for more information on how to log in and access your Blackboard course.

8.    Add Module
You can add new modules to your My Page (e.g. a calculator, UTM Campus Map, UTSC Story, News and Events Channel, or Varsity Blues Athletics).

  • Click the Add Module button located at the top left-hand side of your My Page.
  • Click the Add button for the module(s) you want to add to your My Page.

9.    Drag and Drop Modules
Modules can be moved by using your mouse to drag and drop them in different positions on your My Page.

10.    Content Tab
The Content tab allows users to store and manage files and ePortfolios. The Content Collection allows users to store, share, and publish content within personal folders, and provide access to the ePortfolios tool. 

11.    Notifications Dashboard
The Notifications Dashboard contains customizable notification modules with links to course items or course information that have been changed, submitted, created, or that have impending due dates based on your enrolment and role in a Blackboard course and organization. Click here for more information on the Notifications Dashboard.

You will see information displayed in the following modules:

  1. Needs Attention
  2. Alerts
  3. What’s New
  4. To Do

12.    My Places, Home, Help & Logout

These sections in Blackboard are represented by icons in the top right corner of the screen, next to your displayed name.  These options are always available to you at any time in the Blackboard environment.  You can hover-over your mouse on the icon to find out each section:

My Places
My Places provides you with quick and easy navigation to a variety of places within the Portal. You can access My Places by clicking on the link at the top of your My Page.  My Places contains a customizable set of links to frequently accessed information and tools.  Click here for instructions on how to edit email notifications from the Notifications Dashboard.

Clicking on this link will take you to your My Page.

Clicking on this link will take you to the Portal Information + Help web site.

Clicking on Logout does not log you out of the Portal completely. You are still logged in to the weblogin server, and possibly other application web sites you visited this session as well. To protect your privacy and prevent unauthorized use, completely exit your browser when you are finished browsing the Portal.