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Blackboard contains an integrated file management system, or file repository called the Content Collection. The Content Collection provides private online space for every user, course and organization and a flexible area for departments and faculties. Once files have been uploaded they can be shared with other users, linked to courses, and even emailed to people outside of Blackboard.

The Content Collection provides space and tools to easily move, share, and organize your files. Once uploaded, files can be linked or sent to numerous courses, groups or individuals without having to create additional copies or uploads. Existing files can also be updated or replaced without needing to redistribute the file or link.

The Content Collection can be accessed via the Content tab at the top right of Blackboard, or via the Content section of the Control Panel in any Course or Organization to which you have appropriate access.

There are four areas available with the Content Collection, which provide different features: My Content, Course Content, Organization Content, and Institution Content.

Additional space can be requested by contacting Portal Help.

My Content

The My Content area is available to every user of Blackboard and is the preferred storage location for any course files. Instructors start with 300MB of space but can request more once the initial 300MB has been filled. The My Content area is tied to each individual so it will remain accessible for as long as you are with the University. For Sessional Instructors the area will be reactivated the next time you have a teaching contract. 

Any files added to the My Content area will be available until you delete them, allowing you to reuse the same files year after year.

Key Points:
Available to every user of Blackboard for as long as you are at the University
Instructors have a 300MB initial limit and everyone else has 50MB
Additional space can be requested
Files added directly are private, unless intentionally shared

Course Content

The Course Content areas are created for every course in Blackboard, and files uploaded into courses are automatically saved in the corresponding Course Content folder.  Course Content folders can be accessed directly from the Control Panel of each course, or via the Content Collection tab.  Each Course Content folder receives 300MB of space, and is accessible to any role that can edit the course; Instructor, Teaching Assistant, or Course Builder.

Important: Course Content folders are tied to Blackboard Courses. When the course is removed from Blackboard, the corresponding Course Content folder and contents will be removed with it. Use Course Copy or Move Files at the end of term to ensure that your files are not deleted.

Key Points:
Created for every course in Blackboard
300MB of space per course
Accessible by any Instructor, TA, or Course Builder enrolled in the course
Files uploaded to the course are automatically saved here

Organization Content

Every Organization in Blackboard has an Organization Content folder with an initial quota of 50MB. This space is accessible by the Organization Leader and any Builders or Assistants. Like Course Content, any files saved into the Organization will be automatically saved to the Organization Content folder. As Organizations can exist for long periods of time, and under go numerous changes in enrollment or leadership, the Organization Content folder can be a useful method to transfer leadership and keep files in order.

Key Points:
50MB of space
Accessible by Leaders, Assistants, or Builders

Institution Content

Institution Content is the most flexible area of the Content Collection. It is great for any administrative content that needs to be shared with a large number of courses and can simplify the updating process. Departments can setup shared spaces for multi-section or multi-instructor courses, store common course elements, or share document templates and other files.

Any Faculty or Department can make a request for space and use it for many different purposes. Generally, once an Institution folder has been created, an administrative staff member would assume responsibility to manage and maintain the space, adding subfolders and providing access to them.

Key Points:
Flexible space available to any Faculty or Department
Managed by the Faculty or Department


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