Make Your Course Available

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By default, all Blackboard Courses are unavailable to students when they are first created--as indicated by the text "(unavailable)" next to your course name. This means that although you can see and build your course website, students will not see the course. Additionally, the name of your course will not appear when students log in. This allows you some time and privacy while building your course. Once you have finished building your course in Blackboard, you will need to MAKE YOUR COURSE AVAILABLE to students.  See the instructions below or watch the video walkthrough.

Video Walkthrough


To make your course available: 

  1. Go to Control Panel, select Customization, and then select Properties.
    Control Panel showing Customization submenu
  2. Under the heading Set Availability, Select the Yes radio button.
    Yes No toggle for course availability
  3. Click Submit.
    Cancel and Submit buttons

NOTE: When you make your course available, the What’s New module on students’ Notifications Dashboard will be updated with this information.