Learner Support Available at the University of Toronto

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UNIVERSITY LIFE : Information on all aspects of student services, resources and opportunities at UofT

  • Get Smarter: Academic assistance, academic honesty, approaching your instructors or registrar, research services, text books and more.
  • Get Help: Access support to help with any need – be it health or housing-related, financial, administrative, emotional or personal.
  • Get Involved: Academic success, career development and community involvement through participation in co-curricular activities.
  • Blueprint Program: An easy way to get involved in life outside the classroom through a series of engaging workshops and activities!

LIBRARY RESOURCES: Find the library services and research resources key to your academic success.
    -Contact Us: chat, email, telephone, or in person for assistance.  We’re happy to help you with everything from how to renew a book to helping you find articles for your research paper.
    -Research Help:  We can provide you with expert help with your research.

ACADEMIC SUPPORT: Develop the skills, strategies and competencies that you need to succeed at university.

WRITING SKILLS: Advice and resources to help develop your writing skills, including planning, organizing, researching and documenting sources.

IT SERVICES: Student portals, help desks, networks and more.

ACCESSIBILITY SERVICES: Services and support for students with a disability, including temporary disabilities (e.g. broken arm).

If you are studying online at a distance, please contact service providers by web form (if provided), email or telephone to get advice regarding access to university resources.