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This page contains instructions on integrating iClicker with Blackboard. For general information on iClickers, please see the Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation website. For more information on teaching strategies and grading, as well as pedagogical and technical support, please see Using Classroom Response Systems in the Classroom.

iClicker REEF

The University of Toronto does not currently have a license for the iClicker REEF app. Instructors who are interested in using iClicker REEF in advance of an institutional license should treat the use of this product in accordance with current University guidelines on using third-party, cloud-based services.  For divisional support, please see Help Contacts.


Integrating iClicker with the Portal

iClicker Blackboard Integration allows for data to be transferred between the Portal and iClicker’s gradebook. This enables students to register their iClicker remotes directly within the Portal.  In addition, it allows you to easily download your class roster and student registrations from the Portal. You will also be able to easily upload your iClicker session data into the Portal’s Grade Center. 

NOTE: Instructors must make their Portal course available in order to map it to their iClicker course. In addition, users must have either the Instructor or the Teaching Assistant role in order to synchronize roster and grade information.


Register Student Remotes in Portal Courses to Avoid $6.99 Used Remote Registration Fee

Instructors are encouraged to enable the iClicker integration tool in their Portal (Blackboard) courses to allow students to register their remotes directly through the iClicker integration within the Portal. The iClicker integration allows students who have purchased used iClicker remotes to register their remotes in their Portal course and avoid the possibility of a $6.99 used remote registration fee.  Note: As of December 31, 2014, students who have purchased a used remote and register their used remote online with iclicker.com will be charged a one-time fee of $6.99. For information on registering remotes through the Portal (Blackboard) please see the iClicker student registration page.  


STEP 1: Add a student registration link to your Portal course
STEP 2: Access the SSO Key
STEP 3: Download the integration file
STEP 4: Map your iClicker course to the corresponding course in the Portal
STEP 5: Synchronize your roster
STEP 6: Upload Your iClicker Polling Data
STEP 7: Review iClicker Scores in the Portal

Export Polling Results from the iClicker application




Please note: New version (7.12) of iClicker software is available (Win/Mac/Linux)

If you would like to update the software:

  1. Open up your iClicker application
  2. Go to Help > Check for updates > Update
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the update


  1. In your Portal course, go to Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability.
  2. Ensure that the checkbox next to iClicker Student Registration is checked off. Then click on the Submit button.
    Note: Student Preview may not fully display content for iClicker.

    Mark checkbox for student integration

  3. In your course menu, click on the + sign and select Tool Link.

    Add course menu for student registration
  4. Click on Browse, scroll down and select iClicker Student Registration. You can choose to make the registration tool available to users now, or you may wish to do this at a later time.  Then click on the Submit button.
  5. iClicker Student Registration will now appear on the course menu. Students should be directed to your course menu link to proceed with registration using their ClickerID (located on the back of their remotes).



  1. Still in your Portal course, click on Control Panel > Course Tools > iClicker Instructor Tools > SSO Security Key.
  2. Highlight the security key, right-click and select Copy.



  1. To download the U of T-configured integration file:

    Windows users: Click to download the .zip integration file.

    Mac users: Click to download the .zip integration file.
  2. Once the file has downloaded, extract the files and run the iClicker installation.

    Note for Mac users: If you receive an "Error Writing to Disk" message when extracting the files, double-click on the iclicker zip file, and another window will open with the iclicker folder. Grab that exact folder and copy it to the desktop or other directory, such as Applications. The iclicker software will only work when opened from the directory to which you copied it.
  3. The software will automatically recognize that you are using Blackboard as your Learning Management System.



NOTE: If not already done, instructors must make the course available in the Portal before proceeding with this step.

  1. Double-click the iClicker icon within your iClicker 7 folder to start the iClicker application.
  2. When you open iClicker, you will see the Welcome Screen with no courses listed. Click the + Create button to add your course. NOTE: If you already see your course in the course list, go to step 5.

    Create an iClicker course

  3. The Create New Course window appears. Enter your Course Name. This does not need to match the class name in the Portal.

    Name your iClicker course

  4. Click the Create button. iClicker automatically creates a new course folder in your iClicker 7 Classes folder. The New Course window closes and you are returned to the Welcome Screen with your course name in the list of courses.
  5. Select your course name from the course list and click Settings.
  6. Click the Gradebook tab near the top of the new window. In the Learning management system (LMS) section, U of T Learning Portal should appear for the LMS Name.
  7. Click the Select Course button in the Learning management system (LMS) section.

    Gradebook tab

    Enter your Utorid, and paste the SSO Key you copied in the Portal on to the Security Key field.

    Select your course

  8. Upon logging in, a list of your Portal courses is returned. Select the course that maps to the iClicker course and click Select.
  9. The selected course appears next to LMS Course. Click Save to close the Course Settings window.



Please note that roster synchronization cannot be run until the instructor makes the course available to students.

Once your students have registered their iClicker remotes within the Portal (using the iClicker Student Registration link you added to the course menu in STEP 1), you can import your student roster, complete with registration data, into iClicker. This is so that polling data can be credited to your students.

To import your Portal class roster into iClicker:

  1. Open iClicker 7 and click on Open Gradebook.

    Open Gradebook

  2. Click on Sync Roster. Your roster will be downloaded, and you will receive a message that your roster downloaded successfully.

    Sync roster

TIP: It is recommended that you Sync Roster after drop/add periods are over in order to keep your roster up-to-date.



After you have polled your students in class, your polling data will appear in the iClicker
gradebook. You can view students’ points, adjust scores, delete questions, synchronize
registrations and export/upload student polling data into the Portal’s Grade Center.

To upload iClicker scores into your Portal Grade Center:

  1. Launch iClicker, select your course and click Open Gradebook.
  2. From the Gradebook main window, click on Sync Scores.

    Sync scores

  3. From the Upload Scores to LMS window, select the session(s) you wish to upload and click Next.
  4. Specify session data details and click Upload.
  5. Make your selections and click Upload. A confirmation message appears once your data is uploaded.



Once you have uploaded your iClicker polling data to your course, you can review the scores in your Portal course.

  1. Click on Control Panel > Grade Center > Full Grade Center.
  2. The Grade Center page opens and will include your newly uploaded iClicker scores. The scores will appear as numeric values and may be edited like any other score in the Grade Center.


Export Polling Results from the iClicker Application

You can export polling results directly from your iClicker application, as a comma-separated values (.csv) file.

1. Open the course Gradebook and select Export.

export button in iclicker application

2. Select the session(s) you would like to export, then select Next.

3. Determine whether you wish to export each session as a separate entry or as an aggregate, as well as the points exported (performance, participation or both). Select the appropriate options, then Export.

4. Choose a filename and location, then select Save.