Hiding and Disabling Course Tools

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Instructors have the ability to Hide or turn off each of the tools that come with their course.  There are a couple of different ways to accomplish this.  An instructor, via the Control Panel, can turn a tool off completely, meaning neither they, their teaching assistants, nor their students will be able to access the tool at all.  The next method allows an instructor to disable the tools, via the Course Menu, for just their students, while still retaining access for instructors and teaching assistants.  This second method can be confusing as the button to turn them off is labeled ‘Hide’, however it disables the tool for students even if it is linked to elsewhere in the course.

To Disable tools via the Control Panel

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Click on Customisation, and then select Tool Availability.
  3. Uncheck any Tools which you want to disable across the entire course.
  4. Click Submit.

Please Note:
Use caution when disabling tools via this page as disabling some types of tools can have serious unintended consequences to your course.

Video Walkthrough


To Hide tools via the Course Menu

  1. Verify Edit Mode is ON.
  2. Navigate to the Tools area on the Course Menu.
  3. Click the Hide Link button beside any tool you wish to turn off for the students.

Please Note:
Clicking the Hide Link button in fact disables that tool for all students no matter where it is accessed in the course.