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Blackboard 9 introduces 'context-based' help in most areas of the system. This is a handy way to get more information about how to use any specific function without leaving the area you're working on. Context-based help can be accessed by following the 'More Help' link that is displayed throughout Blackboard.

Instructors can also access a complete manual and interactive tutorials from inside the Control Panel of any course. While these are detailed, it may be difficult to relate them to specific questions without assistance.

In light of the wealth of information provided by the above resources, this site doesn't attempt to answer every question that might be encountered. We do hope to ensure that all major areas, including ones that are specific to the University of Toronto are covered.

However, it is to be expected that there will be questions that won't be adequately answered by static documentation. In those cases, please refer to the campus, divisional and departmental lists of contacts linked below.

Learning Portal Central Support (

Campus, Divisional and Departmental Contacts for Faculty and Staff

Help Contacts for Students at UTM and UTSC

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