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Campus Contacts




Divisional Contacts


Applied Science & Engineering

Arts and Science

FAS-IIT, Teaching Technology Support:

  • Lena Paulo Kushnir
    Manager, Instructional Design and Learning Technology
  • Maureen LaPier
    Instructional and Learning Technology Specialist
  • Damion Renner
    Instructional and Learning Technology Specialist
  • Alicja Wigglesworth
    Instructional and Learning Technology Specialist


  • Undergraduate Medical Education (UME): Discovery Commons
    Faculty of Medicine’s information technology support unit
  • Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME): Tamara Bahr
    Manager, Instructional Design, Postgraduate Medical Education


  • Mike Morrow
    Senior Instructional Technology Analyst
    Tel: (416) 978-1746
  • Derek Hunt
    Instructional Technology Analyst
    Tel: (416) 978-1731


  • Gustavo Luna 
    Pharm.D. Program Coordinator
    Tel: (416) 946-3768
  • Frank Fan
    Frontline Education Technologist
    Tel: (416) 978-5170

Rehabilitation Sciences Sector

  • Rob Page
    Manager of Information Technology,
    Rehabilitation Sciences Sector
    Tel: (416) 946-8544


  • Information and Instructional Technology Services Help Desk
    Tel: (416) 979-4900 x4480