Enable Guest Access

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All courses and organizations can be opened to guests, by default Guest Access is off and must be turned on by the instructor.  Guests can only access a course's Content Areas, and only those the instructor has made available to guests.  Guests cannot access any course tools.  Courses made available to guests can be accessed by any person visiting the Learning Portal, not just members of the UofT community; Courses are effectively made public.

There are two ways that guests can access a course once Guest Access has been turned on.  The first, requires the instructor of the course to enroll the guest into the course using the UT Manage Users tool, this process requires the guest to have a UTORid.  Once enrolled the course will appear on the users My Courses module on their My Page.  The second method, allows any person, either a member of UofT or the general public, to browse the Course Catalogue and access any courses that have been made available and have Guest Access on.

To Turn Guest Access On:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and expand Customization.
  2. Select Guest and Observer Access.
  3. Set Allow Guests to Yes.
  4. Click Submit.

To Allow Guests to Access Content:

  1. Locate the Content Area you want to grant access to and click the drop down menu button.
  2. From the menu select Permit Guests.
    Permit Guests