Global Navigation and My Blackboard

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The Global Navigation Menu contains quick easy access to the User and My Blackboard menus which allows you to have a personalized view of your course environment. The User menu consists of a list of your recently visited courses and allow you access to your Setting where you can personalize text size and personal information. My Blackboard displays course communication, recent activity, due dates, grades and course calendars.


Video Walkthrough


Once you are logged into Blackboard, click on the arrow to the right of your name to open the Global Navigation Menu:


My Blackboard Menu

Blackboard Home

This section shows you any current or upcoming calendar events, recently graded items and any recent communication posts onto a single page:



This section will show any recent posts created in course communcation tools. You can reply directly from the global navigation menu by clicking on the reply button or double click on the title of the post to view it from within the course:


This section will have any updates on content items, various course assessment and announcements in any of your courses. Click Open to access them directly or Dismiss to remove them from you update view:

My Grades

This section will show any grades that have been released to you or view assignment or test attempts that have been released to you. To view more details about a grade entry, click on the grade entry:


This section shows a calendar of all course events, assignment due dates and any personal events. You can create or edit calenar events from this page: