Edit Test Options

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Once a TEST has been created it can be EDITED. A warning page appears if any students are in the process of taking the Test or have already taken the Test when Edit is selected. Instructors and TAs can both edit existing questions and add new questions to a test. N.B. Certain areas of the Test are not available to edit if the Test has already been taken by students. New test questions can be created within the test canvas, imported from existing tests or POOLS, or uploaded from a local computer or the CONTENT COLLECTION.  

  1. Navigate to the Test (e.g., Quizzes). 



  1. Click on the contextual menu button (grey arrow) that appears next to the test, and then select Edit the Test Options.



  1. Make the changes to the test name, instructions, description, availability, feedback and presentation options, as necessary. 
    N.B. Do not select Force Completion as this forces students to complete the test in one sitting. If their browser shuts down, students cannot resume the test and pick up where they’ve left off.

  1. If you're allowing multiple attempts use the Score Attempts Using  drop-down menu to specify how each attempt will be calculated into the final test mark.
    1. Last Graded Attempt will make the score achieved on the most recent attempt the final mark;
    2. Highest Grade will use the highest grade achieved across all attempts as the final mark;
    3. Lowest Grade will use the lowest grade achieved across all attempts as the final mark;
    4. First Graded Attempt will use the score achieved on the first attempt as the final mark;
    5. Average of Graded Attempts will use the averaged grade of all attempts as the final mark;
  1. Select ON for Auto-Submit if you would like the test to submit automatically when the test time expires. Selecting this option does not allow the user to continue taking the test after the time expires.



  1. NEW: Test Availability Exception options

If you have individual students (or groups of students) who need to have access to this test, Blackboard makes this very simple. To turn this on, click on the Add User or Group under the Test Availability Exceptions section:

 You can then select the users or groups that should have access by checking the box by their names, and clicking Submit.

Once the exception has been made, additional options will be visible. You can specify an override value (per student) for the number of attempts, the time of the test, auto submit, force completion, and test availability dates. This will be very useful for allowing extended access for a particular student or to accommodate accessibility requests.


  1. NEW: Test Results and Feedback options

The test feedback has been vastly improved. It is now possible to have a high level of control over what feedback is shown to the students. The default value will display feedback after a test is submitted, and will display the number of points earned on each question (e.g. 0 if incorrect, or 10 as default value if correct). You can also select whether each question is displayed with all available answers (whether chosen by student or not), the correct answer being indicated, and if the students' submitted or chosen answers will be highlighted. The feedback checkbox will display (if set) any question-specific feedback for correct or incorrect responses. Showing incorrect questions will highlight which questions were not answered correctly. In some cases (such as when multiple attempts are enabled) you may wish to only show the score per question; whereas on a single attempt or in a practice setting, you may elect to provide all answer feedback options. 

You also have control over "when" the feedback is displayed. The default is after submission (e.g. when the test is finished), but it can also be set to be a one-time view (after submission), on a specific date, after the due date (if set), after the availability end date (if set), or only after all attempts are graded (e.g. entire class has taken the test). Multiple feedback selections can be entered. For instance, after submission it is possible to only show the score per question and submitted answers; then after the availability end date you could "unlock" and reveal the correct answer choices alongside all answers to allow students to properly review their performance.


  1. To finish, click Submit.