Download Multiple Files from the Content Collection

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The Download Package feature of the Content Collection allows an instructor to download multiple files and folders.  This can save you significant time over downloading one file at a time.

Creating a Package File in Blackboard

In Blackboard a Package File is a Compressed folder (Windows) or an Archive (Mac OS) that ends in .zip, which contain a number of files potentially organized into folders. Generally most current Operating Systems allow you to create and open these Package files without the need for other software. Blackboard can create a single .zip containing multiple files for you.

To select a file (or files) already in your Content Collection:

  1. Click the Content tab at the top right-hand corner of the window.
  2. Choose the appropriate area of the Content Collection that you wouldl like to download content from (for ex. personal, organization or institutional content).
  3. Use the checkbox beside each file name to select it, or the check box at the top to select all files.
  4. Click the Download Package button near the top or bottom of your file list.

The .zip file will be created. This may take a few moments depending on the size and how many files you selected. Your web browser will generally prompt you and ask what you wish to do with the file (open, save, etc.). Once this file is saved on your computer, you can open it to view the multiple files contained within.