Download Information from Grade Center

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To ensure that student records are complete and secure, you may wish to download your Grade Center records frequently throughout the semester.  In particular, you may wish to download Grade Center each time a set of marks for a test or assignment is entered.

You can download Grade Center data for the entire course or for a particular Grade Column representing a particular test or assignment.  
Downloading Grade Center data will provide you with a record of all current Grade Center Data.  It will NOT save comments on individual grades unless you are downloading only a particular column; it will also NOT save Grade History or Grade Details.  Finally, downloading Grade Center data will NOT save your Grade Center settings, Grading Periods, or Smart Views.

You can also back up Grade Center by Exporting or Archiving your course. 

To download information from Grade Center:

  1. In Grade Center, click Work Offline.
  2. Select Download.
  3. Select Data To Download:

    a. Full Grade Center.  This will download all user and assignment information.

    NOTE: If you download the Full Grade Center, comments on individual grades are NOT saved in the download.  To save comments, see Select Column below.

    b. Select Column.  This allows you to download the grades (and comments, if you check “Include Comments for this Column”) for one assignment, or to download grade totals or weighted totals.
    c. User Information Only.  This will download your class list (see View and Download Your Class List).
  4. Select the Delimiter Type: Comma or Tab (recommended – can be opened directly as an Excel or compatible spreadsheet).
  5. Select whether to Include Hidden Information.  Hidden information refers to the columns and users, if any, that have been hidden on the Grade Center View (see Hide or Show Grade Columns to Instructors, TAs and Graders). It does not refer to information not visible to students in My Grades (see Hide or Show a Grade Column to Students).
  6. Select the Download Location.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. If you have chosen to download grades to your computer, a Download Grades screen will appear. Click Download to save the file to the location specified on the previous screen.