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The DISCUSSION BOARD tool enables and encourages discussion with and among students, and provides a quick and easy way to answer questions and share information with all course users. Every discussion board is organized into FORUMS and then into THREADS. A forum is a space within a discussion board dedicated to a particular topic; discussion boards will often contain multiple forums.  Only instructors can create forums.  Within each forum, users will post and reply to threads on a specific topic or question.

A Discussion Board link will already be created for you in your course menu.  You can also link to specific forums from within any content area (eg. Course Materials).

Note: Forums accessed from either the Discussion Board or linked in a content area are the same.   They are just 2 different ways to access the same forum.  As an instructor, when designing your course you can choose which path (or both) to give your students access.

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Add a Discussion Board

Grade a Discussion Board Forum


Discussion Board diagram


Discussion board forums should be monitored (by the Instructor or Teaching Assistant) and Instructors should outline their expectations regarding student use of this tool, including etiquette guidelines, and if and how students will be graded for their participation in the Discussion Board.


View the Posts:

To view the posts, click the forum title in the Discussion Board. Forum titles in bold contain unread posts. For each forum, you can view the total number of posts, the number of unread posts, and the number of users who have participated in the forum. In order to see the forum's unread messages only, click the number in the Unread Posts column.

Discussion Board Forums


When you click a forum title, you can see a list of its threads. Click an existing thread's title to view its posts and reply to them. Titles in bold contain unread posts.
Alternatively, you could click the number of unread posts to view a page containing only the unread posts in a thread.

Discussion Board Threads

Once you are viewing posts in a thread, you can use the arrow buttons to navigate to other threads in the forum.

Navigate Threads


Learn how to:

Add a Discussion Board

Grade a Discussion Board Forum