Delegated Grading

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NOTE: Please do not use Delegated Grading until further notice as there is a known issue with this tool. For support and technical questions please visit the Help Contacts.

Delegated Grading allows you to promote reliability and remove bias during the grading of student assignments by assigning more than one grader to each student. For large classes, you can use Delegated Grading to assign specific course staff to grade particular sets of student submissions, while ensuring that the Instructor will determine all final grades for the assignment. Grades entered by the graders are considered provisional. After all delegated graders have provided grades and feedback, the Instructor(s) must review and reconcile the final grades.

Note: If you are looking to simply divide the grading of assignment amongst your course staff, it is highly recommended to create Course Groups and use Smart Views instead.


Delegated grading options

  1. On the Create Assignment page, click Grading Options.
  2. Check the box to Enable Delegated Grading.
  3. Choose the graders to help with grading tasks.  4 options are available
    1. None: this TA/Grader will not particiate in grading this assignment
    2. All Submissions
    3. Random Set: Grade a random set of the selected number of students. If multiple graders are assigned to grade a random set, students are distributed evenly before any student is included in multiple random sets.
    4. Groups: Grade all students who are part of the selected course groups.
  4. Continue with creating the Assignment.

Note: During the assignment creation, we recommend that all delegated graders use a rubric when performing the assessment to help with accuracy and consistency of grading,


The Basic Workflow happens in 3 major steps:

View Attempt Notifications Access and Grade Attempts Grades are Reconciled

All Instructors in a course can see what other graders assigned.

If you want other roles to view scores, feedback, and notes added by others, select the check box in the View Settings column.

Attempt Notifications (Grader/Instructor)

As a Delegated Grader, notification of  assignments you are responsible for will appear in following areas:

  • Needs Grading page
  • Grade Center grid - The needs grading icon appears in the cells for the grader assigned to the delegated assignment submissions.
  • Notification modules
  • Individual email notifications, if enabled


Access Submissions (Grader/Instructor)

You can access assignment submissions that you are assigned to grade in the Full Grade Centre. If anonymous grading is also enabled, cells will be grayed out so that you do not know who made submissions.

Viewing a Delegated Assigment

  1. Go to Grade Centre >> Full Grade Centre
  2. Mouse over the cell corresponding to the student/assignment you wish to view
  3. Open the context menu  for that cell and select "Attempt [date]"

    Available as of May 8, 2017

    Only the most relevant attempt(s) will be shown if Multiple Attempts or Unlimited Attempts have been enabled. You can select View Grade Details to see a list of all the attempts submitted.

  4. Click the title of the assignment the student attached to download it.


  • Each instructor has the ability to view what other graders provided for scores, feedback, and notes. Other graders do not see this information unless enabled.
  • After you provide a grade, the Needs Reconciliation icon appears in the Grade Center cell. No score appears until the instructor role reconciles the grade.
  • After delegated graders begin providing grades, instructors receive notifications that grades needs reconciling. These notifications appear in the following areas:
    • Needs Grading page
    • Needs Reconciliation appears on the action bar.
    • My Blackboard on the Updates page.
    • Grade Center grid
    • The Needs Reconciliation icon appears in the cells.
    • Notification modules
    • Individual email notifications, if enabled


Reconcile Grades

After delegated graders begin providing grades, instructors receive notifications that grades needs reconciling. These notifications appear in the following areas:

  • the Action Bar in your Global Navigation Menu,
  • in My Blackboard on the Updates page,
  • the Grade Center grid - the Needs Reconciliation icon appears in the cells

Reconciling Grades

  1. Go to the full Grade Centre
  2. Open the context menu for the assigment's column and select Reconcile Grades
  3. You can then reconcile the grades using one of the following methods:
    • One at a time, by clicking on the icon in the far right column and selecting one of the available grade options.
    • In bulk, by clicking the drop down menu button to the right of "Final Grade",  and selecting which grade option will be applied to all students
  4. Click OK


Further Options

There are also other tools available on the Reconcile Grades page.

Show Grader Progress: Click this button at the top of the page to view the progress of all graders, what the grader assigned for the average grade for the assignment, and the number of attempts.

Show Detailed View: Click the diagonal arrows located next to each student's name to view the existing grades, feedback from the graders, and the rubric scoring (if applicable). You can also add your own feedback, remove the grader's feedback, or determine the final grade.

Add Grader: Click the plus icon in each row under the Graders column to open a pop-up window to add one or more graders for this student.

Determine Final Grade: Click the drop down menu beside the Final Grade column header to reconcile grades in bulk using the highest, lowest, or average of the graders' scores. You can also assign final grades to each student individually by clicking the drop down menu in each row under the Final Grade column.