Date Management

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Once a COURSE COPY, EXPORT or ARCHIVE has been processed in the new course shell, the Learning Portal retains the old dates associated with the course content and tools. The DATE MANAGEMENT tool is a feature that allows instructors to have the system update content and tools dates in the course. Updates can be made automatically or individually, or all at once. Most items in Blackboard are supported by Date Management with the exception of Blackboard Collaborate sessions. For a list of the items supported by Date Management, please see below:

  • Content (i.e., items)

  • Assessments (i.e., tests, assignments)

  • Course Tools (i.e., discussions boards, course announcements)

  • Manual grade columns

  • Course and organization tasks

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section. Select Date Management


  2. On the Date Management page, choose how you want the system to adjust the dates for your course:

    Use Course Start Date: Enter in your original course start date and the new course start date, the system will automatically adjust all dates in the course to match the new start date.

    Adjust by Number of Days: This option will adjust every date in the course by the number of days specified.

    List all Dates for Review: This option will not automatically adjust any dates, instead it will list them out so that they can be manually adjusted.


  3. Click Start to begin the process. A status bar will show the progress and an email will be sent to you once it has been completed.


  4. On the Date Management Review Page, you will see a list of all content and tools with dates in the course. To manually modify an individual date, click on the pencil icon ( ). To edit multiple items, use the check boxes to select the desired items and press Adjust Dates button.