Create Tool Link

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A TOOL LINK makes a Blackboard course tool accessible from the course menu. While Instructors can always access tools via the CONTROL PANEL, students must access tools by clicking the Tools Area link in the Course Menu, then by selecting the appropriate tool. Depending on your course content and teaching style, you may prefer to have students access specific tools directly in the Course Menu.

To add a Tool Link:

  1. Navigate to your course, and then hover your mouse over the plus sign in the top left corner of the course menu.
  2. Select Tool Link.
  3. Provide a name for this item.
  4. Select an appropriate tool from the drop-down menu.
  5. Tick the box next to Available to Users to make the item available to students.
  6. Click Submit. The newly-created tool link will appear at the bottom of the course menu.
  7. If desired, you can drag and drop this item to a new location within the course menu.

Video Walkthrough