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The CREATE ITEM tool is one of the menu options in blue button called Build Content.  It is located in a Content Area, and is used to upload course materials such as a file, image and text to your course. A description and other items may also be attached. As you upload files, you can set its options, such as availability. This enables you to create content and make it unavailable to users until you are ready for them to view it.

Video Walkthrough


To Create an Item

  1. Verify Edit Mode is ON.
    location of Edit Mode toggle
  2. Navigate to the Content Area on your course menu (e.g, Syllabus or Course Materials) where you would like to upload the file.
    Syllabus and Course Materials Content areas on the Course Menu
  3. Hover your mouse over Build Content to access the drop-down list and select Item from the list.
    Create Item in the Build Content menu
  4. In the Create Item window, enter Name for this item.
    Entering a name for the Content item
  5. In the Text box, type instructions, a description, or a question, etc., with formatted text, images and links.
    1. Text from Word, or resources that you created in Flickr, Slideshare or YouTube can be included here as well using the Mashup tool.
      Description entered into Text window
  6. Attaching files to your course:
    1. If you wish to attach files from your computer click the Browse My Computer button.

      Available as of May 8, 2017

      In order to attach files to your content item, you could also drag files from your computer and drop it on the hot spot in the Attach Files area to add the file.
      Drag and Drop Attachments

      NOTE: A copy of the file will automatically be uploaded to the course Content folder that appears as the first heading in the Control Panel.

    2. If you wish to link to items you’ve previously uploaded to the Content Collection (link in the top right corner of Portal), click Browse Content Collection.
    3. If you select the wrong file, click do not attach to cancel individual files prior to uploading. 
      Remove Attachment
  7. Set tracking and visibility options:
    1. Select Yes to Permit Users to View this Content.
    2. Select Yes to Track Number of Views.
    3. For Enter Date and Time Restrictions, you can set items to display on a specific date and time and to stop displaying on a specific date and time. Select the Display After and Display Until check boxes to enable the date and time selections.
      Options for a Content Item
  8. Click Submit.
    Cancel and Submit buttons
  9. A green confirmation bar appears at the top of the screen, indicating the item was created successfully.
    Content Item Success