Course Lifecycle

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This tipsheet will help you plan to build, update, and backup your Blackboard course.  Where applicable, tasks suggested here are linked to a relevant tipsheet that will help you complete that task.

 4 months before the first class    
 2 months before the first class  
  •  Students are enrollled into courses from ROSI
 One week before the first class      
 During the course      
 Last day of class      
  • Download Grade Center
  • Export and archive your course
  • Backup Course Files or copy them to My Content
  • Submit final grades to department
 5 months after the last class  
  • Students are un-enrolled and do not have access to the course
  • Student information and student grades do not appear in the Grade Center
 1 year after the last class for single term courses; 
 9 months after the last class for courses running multiple terms
  • Course information is no longer updated from ROSI
  • Course is deactivated and unavailable to instructor and other course staff
  • Blackboard Collaborate webinar recordings are deleted