Requests for Access to Course Websites

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Manually Adding Instructors

Instructors are assigned as the ‘owners’ of Course Websites on the Portal via an automatic feed from ROSI. Please speak to your departmental business officer or other departmental ROSI administrator to ensure that the correct instructor information is added in a timely fashion.

Every so often, a new instructor (sessional of otherwise) is hired to teach a course in the next upcoming semester, but wishes to have access to their course website in advance of formally being hired and/or placed inside ROSI. By current practice, the Portal team cannot manually assign people to instructor roles in the Portal – that role must come from ROSI. There are a few reasons for this: (1) support staff are not in a position to adjudicate the authenticity of these requests – they have no way or authority to know if the request is legitimate – ROSI is the official source for that information; (2) assigning someone manually will later conflict with the automated ROSI feed, and can cause access problems for the instructor and department, which would then have to be rectified manually, and always after the course has actually started; and 3) having the correct instructor information on ROSI ensures the information is accurate in other systems (e.g., Course Evaluations).

As stated above, under current practice, instructors should work with their local departmental contacts to ensure that timely information is added to ROSI.

Non-instructor Access to Course Websites and Content Areas

From time to time, support staff are asked to grant access to a course website on the Portal for someone other than the instructor.

Support staff cannot authorize or enable access to a course website on the Portal without the instructor’s consent. Any requests for access to a course website on the Portal must be authorized by the instructor directly. If you are unable to get the instructor's permission to allow access, but still require access, please let us know, and we will forward the request to the Office of the Vice-President and Provost for adjudication.  The request must include the full course ID, the instructor’s name, the date that the course will no longer be required for access, and the name and UTORid of the person who requires access to the course. As above, the reason for this practice is to avoid putting support staff in a position of adjudicating requests. Requests are made to