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Artifacts are pieces of content that can be attached to a Portfolio. They can be managed independently in the My Artifacts repository of the Portfolio, and each Artifact may be used in more than one Portfolio.

You can create artifacts ahead of time in the My Artifacts repository and use them in your future portfolios, or you can create them while authoring a portfolio. When you create the artifacts, they are stored automatically in the My Artifacts repository so you can reuse them in other portfolios.

There are two types of Artifacts: Personal Artifacts and Course Artifacts (used by the students).

  • Personal artifacts are any content including text, links, multimedia assets, presentations and files that you create or upload from the local computer.
  • Course artifacts are graded content from the student's course.

How to Create Personal Artifacts

  1. On the My Artifacts page, click Add Personal Artifact.
  2. Provide a title, description, and content for the artifact. The description is visible only to the artifact owner. Your Artifact  may consist of rich text, graphics, media, and file attachments.
  3. Click Submit.

My Artifacts