Add an External Link

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The External Link tool allows you to add web links into your course.  They can be used to link to Departmental websites, library resources, or any other website.

To Add an External Link:

  1. Ensure that Edit Mode is On.
  2. Click on the Content Area in the left hand menu to which you would like to add the external link.  If you would like to upload your file to a Folder within that Content Area, click on the Folder name.
  3. Place you cursor over the Build Content button and select Web Link.
  4. Enter a Name for the External Link.  Your students will only see the Name when the Link is displayed.
  5. Enter the URL for the External Link. The URL must start with the http:// then the address.  It is recommended that you copy and paste the URL rather than type it.
  6. Use the Text box to enter the description or citation for the Link.
  7. You have the option of attaching a file with the Link. This could be used to provide students with any resources they may need to complete the tasks or activities at the Link destination.
  8. Under Options you may choose to:

    a. Permit users to view the item.
    b. Have the Link open in a new window.  Some internet browsers will not display the link destination unless the link opens in a new window, you should set this to Yes.
    c. Track the number of views. If you choose Yes, you will be able to review which users have viewed the file.
    d. Set Date and Time restrictions if you want students to be able to view the item only before, after or between particular dates.
  9. Click Submit.