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UPDATE:  The Portal is available for access. Scheduled maintenance is complete (Sat May 6th).

The Portal was unavailable for scheduled maintenance beginning May 5 at Maintenance icon10:00 PM in order to perform a version upgrade.

New features include drag and drop functionality, submission receipts for assignments, and email reminders for missing assessments.

In addition, Chat and the Virtual Classroom will be discontinued.  Full details of the new version can be found on the What's New page.


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Portal Training Workshops: Winter 2017

Recent Updates: Instructor Quick Start Guide | Course Makeover Guide

Tips for Instructors: Create a Test (video walkthrough available) Youtube "play video" icon | Create and Apply a Rubric | Grade an Assignment | Inline Grading | Understand Turnitin Originality Reports

Tips for Students: Submit an Assignment | Submit to a Turnitin Assignment | View Grades

Recently Reported Issues: Course Emails and OneClass | MyMedia | Turnitin | Accessing Discussion Boards | Course Builder Role and Tests, Surveys, and Pools


Portal Training Workshops

See our list of Portal Training Sessions for Winter 2017
Sessions include: Getting Started, Grade Center and Collaborate (Webinar tool)


Recent Updates

Instructor Quick Start Guide

Instructor quick start guide A one-stop shop for anyone teaching, setting up or supporting an online course! Find out how to access Portal courses, perform common course tasks, troubleshoot issues, and explore additional support resources with this quick start guide for instructors.


Course Makeover Guidecourse makeover guide

Need to revamp your online course? Learn how to take a fresh new look at your online course content and structure.  In addition, get tips and tricks on how to customize the appearance of your course, organize your course materials, and create a clean, easy-to-navigate course site that is engaging for students with this guide on giving your course a makeover!


Tips for Instructors

Create a Test

Build and manipulate test questions, and assign points within the Portal by creating your own test. Completed tests are submitted for grading, and results are automatically recorded in the Grade Center. 
See also: Create a Test video Youtube "play video" icon

Create and Apply a Rubric

Rubrics help instructors explain an assignment's evaluation criteria and streamline the grading process. You can also apply a rubric in the Grade Center while assigning a grade.

Grade an Assignment

Learn how to provide feedback and grade assignment submissions from your students.

Learn about Inline Grading

Use Inline Grading to view, comment, and grade student submissions directly within the browser.

Understand Turnitin Originality Reports

When reviewing Turnitin assignment submissions, instructors are given an Originality Score. In addition to viewing the score, it is also important to view the Originality Report, which is more detailed. For support with this aspect of the Turnitin assignment review process, please see Understanding Turnitin and the Originality Report (PDF).

Tips for Students

Submit an Assignment

If you Instructor has set up an Portal assignment, you can upload your completed assignment directly from your computer.

Submit to a Turnitin Assignment

You can also upload your completed Turnitin assignment to your Portal course.

View Grades & Instructor Feedback

There are a couple of different ways you can track your progress in your Portal courses. Learn more about viewing grades and instructor feedback.


Recently Reported Issues

Course Emails and OneClass (November 25, 2016)

We have been made aware of an issue regarding spam messages for the OneClass platform that are being e-mailed to entire classes via the Portal. We are investigating the issue and ask that you please refrain from participating in any promotional campaigns for the OneClass service.

Instructors can restrict the ability for students to send e-mail to other students by managing the Email settings in their Portal course.

Help Documentation:
Restrict Student Access to the Blackboard Email tool
Instructions to Customize E-mail Settings (Video)


MyMedia (November 10, 2016)

We have been made aware that videos uploaded to MyMedia may not be processing.

MyMedia is investigating.


Turnitin and Originality Reports (October 28, 2016)

We have been made aware that Originality Reports may not generate for some student file submissions. The issue appears to be intermittent.

We are communicating with Turnitin regarding this.

Instructors should email portal.help@utoronto.ca if they experience this issue.


Course Builder Role and Tests, Surveys and Pools (October 14, 2016)

Resolved as of May 8, 2017.

We have received reports that the Course Builder role cannot create new Test, Survey and Pool items in Portal (Blackboard) courses.

We are currently investigating the issue.

Existing Test, Survey and Pool items in Portal courses can be accessed by the Course Builder role.


Accessing Discussion Boards (October 8, 2016)

Resolved as of May 8, 2017.

Portal (Blackboard) Course roles including Instructors and TAs will receive an "Access Denied" error message when trying to access Discussion Board forums that are set to be unavailable to students.

We are currently investigating the issue.

Forums that are set to be available to students can be accessed by all course roles.