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Tools that help you increase interaction in your courses


Student Preview

As you are getting started with setting up your course as an instructor, you want to be confident that your course is well designed and functions as intended—before your students see it. The Student Preview feature allows the instructors to see the course from a student’s point of view.



Use iClicker to increase student engagement, encourage student reflection on course materials and have immediate access to feedback on student understanding of course material. The iClicker Blackboard Integration allows for data to be transferred between the Portal and iClicker’s gradebook. Students should register their iClicker remotes directly in their Portal courses.



peerScholar is now available for use in Learning Portal courses. This powerful online peer- and self-assessment tool helps develop your students’ critical- and creative-thinking skills.


"I cannot see my courses on Portal!"

Course enrollments are directly uploaded to Blackboard from ROSI. Once an instructor has been assigned to the courses they are teaching in ROSI, your courses should be available on your Blackboard “My Page”. If you have any issues with accessing your courses, review the Getting Started checklist. Students should contact their instructors or department if they cannot see their courses.  It could be that the Portal courses have not been made available to students. Once the instructor(s) makes the courses available, students will see them on their "My Page" in the Portal.