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Portal Training Workshops: Fall 2016

Recent Updates: Turnitin in the Learning Portal | Assignment Inline Grading | Publisher Access in Portal Courses | iClicker Software Update | Lecture Capture

Tips for Instructors: Course Access | Add Course Staff | Copy Content to a New Course | Make Course Available | Share Content Externally

Tips for Students: Course Access | Mobile Apps


Recently Reported Issues:


Course Builder Role and Tests, Surveys and Pools

Issue Description: We have received reports that the Course Builder role cannot create new Test, Survey and Pool items in Portal (Blackboard) courses (October 14, 2016).

We are currently investigating the issue.

Existing Test, Survey and Pool items in Portal courses can be accessed by the Course Builder role.


Accessing Discussion Forums 

Issue Description: Portal (Blackboard) Course roles including Instructors and TAs will receive an "Access Denied" error message when trying to access Discussion Board forums that are set to be unavailable to students (October 8, 2016).

We are currently investigating the issue.

Forums that are set to be available to students can be accessed by all course roles.


Portal Training Workshops

See our Portal Training Calendar for August and Fall 2016 workshops.


Recent Updates

Turnitin in the Learning Portal

Turnitin, an electronic resource that assists in the deterrence of plagiarism, has been integrated into the Portal. To learn more about this tool, including its Conditions of Use, please see Turnitin in the Learning Portal.  For those already familiar with the tool, find out how to Create a Turnitin Assignment and Review Assignment Submisssions.

Assignment Inline Grading

When students submit their assignments through the Blackboard Assignment feature, Instructors are now able to view and comment on submissions using Inline Grading, directly within the browser. 

Publisher Access in Portal Courses

The integration of WileyPlus into the U of T Learning Portal provides direct single sign-on access to WileyPlus online content directly from a Portal course.

iClicker Software Update

Current users of the iClicker-Blackboard integration can now update the software to version 7.8.  If you are new to iClickers or integrating them with the Portal for the first time, please see the complete set of instructions to get started.

Lecture Capture

Users of Techsmith Relay 4 must update to TechSmith Relay 5 in order to upload recordings.  Please see the Techsmith Relay page for download instructions.

Need some inspiration on teaching with technology? See how Prof. Colin Furness used Lecture Capture software to foster collaboration skills among his students.


Tips for Instructors

Teaching in the Fall?

Find out how to Access Your Course. If you cannot see your course, please contact your department.

Add Course Staff

Add Teaching Assistants or other Course Staff to your Blackboard course.

Copy Content to a New Course

Rather than recreating a course, you can copy content and course materials from a previously taught course into your new course.

Make Your Course Available

By default, courses are unavailable to students. Learn how to make your course available.

Sharing Course Content Externally

You can share files or folders with users who don't have access to the Portal or your course content, via Passes. A pass creates a URL which provides access to the Content Collection. This is an extremely useful and very handy tool for instructors wanting to share resources with students on a waitlist.  For more information, please see Share Content Externally.


Tips for Students

Course Access

Can't see your course? Learn all about Course Access in the Portal (Blackboard).

Mobile Apps

Students can conveniently access course content and receive course notifications on their mobile devices. Learn more about Mobile Apps.