What's New in the Portal


The Learning Portal has introduced two new features: Anonymous and Delegated Grading and Student Preview.

Updates have been made to the Calculated Formula question type in the Test tool to include significant figures, and the Portfolio tool has been updated to replace the current Basic and Personal Portfolio outline. Creating a Portfolio in the Learning Portal has been streamlined—it’s much simpler and cleaner.

Check out the new tools and features!


Anonymous and Delegated Grading

Updates have been made to the Grading Options section of the Assignment tool to include Anonymous and Delegated Grading. Instructors can enable the Delegated Grading option and designate course roles such as Teaching Assistants or Graders to grade assigned student submissions. More than just hiding user names from the Grade Center, these new tools improve grading workflow and decrease bias, especially in courses where multiple people are accessing the Grade Center such as teaching assistants and co-instructors.


Student Preview

The new Student Preview feature allows the instructor to see the course from a student’s point of view. By clicking on the Student Preview icon in their Portal course, an instructor can easily transition in and out of a system-generated student preview account. With Student Preview an instructor can interact in their Portal course as a student by taking a Test, submitting an Assignment or post to the Discussion Board.


Improved Tools

Significant Figures in Calculated Formula Test Questions

Instructors can now select the number of decimals or significant figures for the correct answers generated by the system when creating a Test using the Calculated Formula question type. Calculated Formula questions present students with a question that requires them to make a calculation and respond with a numeric answer. Student responses are auto-graded to include a calculation with significant figures.  Included in the upgrade are improvements to scientific/ exponentials notation. Both the Test Canvas and the Item Analysis tool now include significant figures information.

New and Improved Portfolio Tool

The new Portfolio framework replaces the current Basic and Personal Portfolio outline. The process for creating a Portfolio is simpler and cleaner.